Article contents of Ambiance Shop – More than memories

A lot is experienced during the holidays, memories are created and the wish to turn back time comes at the latest on the day of departure… To prevent this from happening, we would like to introduce you to our sustainable shop.

“Hmmm, the jam from the breakfast buffet is a dream!”  – “The bag in which the bathrobes are handed over at the reception looks fancy…”
Thoughts that may pop into your head during your stay at Ambiance. Why just take home memories and photos when there is more?

A Zermatt souvenir for yourself or your loved ones? In our shop you will find a few ideas for every taste:


  • Jam 125ml (depending on season: apricot, strawberry or cherry) sFr. 5.00
  • Bath salts with Zermatt mint sFr. 5.00
  • Handmade by Family : Teddy sFr. 65.00


  • Jute bag with Matterhorn Logo sFr. 14.00
  • “Ambiance” wine glasses made from recycled marine plastic sFr. 9.00
  • Drinking bottle sFr. 25.00

Our house wines:

  • White wine “Fendant” sFr. 26.00
  • Red wine “Pinot Noir” sFr. 38.00

All products are available in our shop in the lounge during your stay.