Article contents of Autumn 2022: News from the Köslich family

A summer with a “yes” word, first attempts at the art of the alphorn and passed module exams. There was always something going on with us!

Hannelore kept Stephanie on her toes over the summer with her vast knowledge of the hotel industry to prepare her perfectly for the first module exams.

André took an alphorn course during the folklore weeks and found a new hobby. Now he is practising diligently – we are already curious when the first concert will take place on the Ambiance terrace!

Michèle said yes to her Christoph on the most beautiful day in July. We celebrated and danced until late into the night. It was a wonderful celebration. We wish them all the best for their future together!

Alain took part in the alphorn course together with André and turned out to be a real talent! He was able to show off his organisational skills as the “tatschmeister” of Michèle and Christoph’s wedding.

Stephanie’s further training in Weggis is in full swing. The first module exams have been passed and the next ones are not far away. The 100% workload at Ambiance and the demanding further education is demanding enough – nevertheless, she always finds time to write diligently on her book “Scotty’s Adventures in Zermatt”.

Matilde explored the ski slopes of Zermatt last winter and is ready to give you tips for your next ski day in the beautiful mountain world.