Article contents of Scotty’s bedtime story #1

Today is the day! Scotty has been looking forward to this day for a week because Alain is taking him hiking! The golden autumn he loves so much is finally here and his friend Alain has the day off! What will the two of them experience? And what stories does Alain tell from his childhood? Read the whole story.

Today is the day! Scotty has been looking forward to this day for a week because Alain is taking him hiking. The golden autumn he loves so much is finally here and his friend Alain has the day off!

Finally they can roam together through the forests of Zermatt, which glow so beautifully orange. Scotty was up early and had already packed the backpack with the picnic. Two sandwiches, water bottles, an apple for each of them and a chocolate bar. He is waiting impatiently with the backpack next to him on the sofa in the lounge. He can hardly wait and looks longingly out of the window. Hannelore comes up to him. “Is Alain here yet?” he asks her. “No, I haven’t seen him yet, when did you agree to meet each other? You know it’s only 8 o’clock?” Scotty looks at her with his big bear eyes. “Great, he’ll be here any minute then!”. He looks impatiently out of the big window again. Laughing, Hannelore asks, “Would you like to have tea with me until Alain comes?” “I’d love to, can I have a Mountain Herbs Tea, I’m sure it will give me more energy when we go up the mountain,” Scotty says and looks at the door. At that moment Alain comes in and Scotty jumps up from the sofa. “Good morning my friend! Shall we go right away?” “Sure, let’s go!”, Alain answers laughing.

Hannelore says goodbye to the two of them and watches them go, Scotty jumping next to Alain, until they go down the stairs to the street.

“Where are we hiking today?” Scotty asks impatiently. “We’re going up to the upper Höhenweg, it’s quite easy and not too steep for you,” Alain answers him with a smile. The two walk towards the upper houses first and then go up the stairs to the beginning of the hiking trail. Scotty looks at the many steps and mumbles, “…you said it wouldn’t be steep…” Alain laughs, “I thought you trained over the summer?” The teddy looks at him, jumps off and calls out to him, “Last one up gets to carry the backpack!” When they reach the top of the path, the teddy first sits down on the bench. Alain leisurely comes up the steps and laughs when he sees his friend sitting on the bench. “Can you breathe?” Scotty can’t answer him at all, he’s totally out of breath, but holds the backpack out to him. “I won! You get to wear the backpack all day now!” The two friends laugh and walk leisurely. Now the hike begins!

Alain tells his friend about New Zealand, where he spent 10 months with Stephi. Scotty listens intently and asks if there are bears there, what they ate and what they experienced. He has so many questions that he no longer pays attention to the path. Suddenly he gets caught on a root and falls on his nose. “Ouchy!” Alain smiles and helps his friend back on his feet. “Scotty, you’re clumsy again! Did you hurt yourself?” The teddy looks down at himself and says: “No, everything’s fine, we can go on” – and in the same breath starts to pester Alain with his questions again. “Scotty, wait a minute. Look up there! See that squirrel?” Alain points his finger at a tree. “Oh great!” exclaims the bear, hopping on the spot. The two of them still gaze after the little nimble animal until it is out of sight and continue walking.

They arrive at a large meadow where there is also an old barn. “Oh, this is beautiful,” Scotty says to Alain. He nods and tells Scotty that they used to play here as children. “Can we take a break here? I’m thirsty!” asks Scotty. The two find two comfortable stones and sit down on them. Alain hands the thirsty bear a bottle of water from his backpack and tells him about his childhood, what they played and all the fun things that happened. “Oh, I would have loved to have been there!” says the teddy and jumps up. On we go!

Arriving at the top of the high trail, Scotty is amazed. “Wow, that’s beautiful! From up here, Zermatt looks really small and the Matterhorn looks like the protector of the village.” Alain looks at the bear and shows him where the Ambiance is. “Yes, and that’s where we started!” Scotty turns to him and says, “…you were right, it really is a leisurely hike. Great, I’ll definitely tell the guests at Ambiance about that!” He was already looking forward to telling about this trail at the hotel.

The two walk on and Scotty’s motivation grows – until their stomachs growl. “I made sandwiches for us!” exclaims Scotty, beaming with joy, and is already looking for the next place to take a well-deserved break. The two sit down, eat the sandwiches together and enjoy the view. “I’m so happy to be here!” exclaims Scotty. After refreshments, the two continue on their way and walk along the trail until they arrive at the railway tracks. “Scotty! Wait, there’s a train coming!” shouts Alain, pulling his friend back. “Didn’t you see the train?” asks Alain worriedly. “Oh dear, that could have gone badly. I was so fascinated by the view that I didn’t pay attention at all. Thank you Alain!” replies Scotty. He waves to the guests on the train and is delighted to be waved back. As the train passes, the two friends cross the tracks and walk along the footpath. “Where are we now?” “We are now coming to Winkelmatten.” replies Alain to him. “Alain look! There are horses!” Scotty exclaims excitedly. “Is that Benny?” Scotty has seen so many videos of Benny and his carriage, but he has never ridden in it. “No, that’s not Benny, but if you want we can visit him another time. Shall we go on?” Alain answers him. Scotty nods.

After a few minutes they reach the small chapel. On the playground to the right are children playing. “This looks like a lot of fun!” laughs Scotty. “Alain, can you nudge me on the swing?” Alain grins. “Sure!” Scotty starts laughing loudly as Alain nudges him. “That’s fun!” Scotty’s joy increases until he realizes how high he is actually flying. As he hops back down from the swing, he takes Alain’s hand and thanks his friend. The two continue through the village to the hotel. Once there, the bear sits down on his regular seat in the lounge and looks out of the window. Such a great day! “Alain, can we do this more often? That was great!”. And after a few minutes, he closes his little eyes and dreams once more of his eventful day…